Wine by the glass

So many choices. Be curious and find your taste.

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We keep a diverse selection available and offer everything from dry white wines to sweet and bubbly and from earthy French reds to sweet Ruby Ports. When possible, we offer half glasses as well. Our goal is to give you as many options as we can.  If you visited us every week, you would be able to taste over 400 different wines a year!

We are able to offer you such a diverse selection because we use the Corovan system. A hollow needle pierces through the cork and allows the wine to flow out while replacing it with a gas that preserves the wine. When the needle is removed, the cork reseals and the wine stays fresh as though it had never been touched.

It’s your wine journey and we want to help; take advantage of our experienced staff! It is our favorite thing to help customers discover something new and exciting.