Empire Estate Blanc de Blancs


‘NV Finger Lakes, NY


Vintage 2018
Size 750

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We were on a quest the last several months to find an amazing Finger Lakes Riesling, primarily to compare and contrast to the more readily available German styles.  We were introduced to Empire Estate and after sampling their still Riesling and THEN the Riesling Brut, we were hooked!

Empire Estate was created to showcase an incredible winemaking region that New Yorkers have right in our own backyard: The Finger Lakes. This wine was crafted to express the dry style of this dynamic grape – Riesling doesn’t always have to be sweet! The Finger Lakes are located in the heart of New York State, about a four hour drive northwest of New York City.  There are 11 individual lakes in the region, some of which are the deepest in the United States.  The deep lake basins moderate the temperatures of the vineyards planted on their steep banks allowing vines to thrive in a protected cool microclimate ideal for Riesling.  100% Riesling, this “Blanc de Blancs” is a new project from New York super somm, Thomas Pastuszak. This bone-dry bubbly Charmat-method sparkling Riesling offers bright aromas of yellow apple and nectarine on the nose. It’s zesty and frothy on the palate, explodes with white peach, and lime popsicle fruit notes with a lovely mineral and stone finish.


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