Herman Story Late Bloomer


100% Grenache is aged for 36 months in French oak * LIMITED *

Size 750
Vintage 2014

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626 cases made

TASTING NOTES: It’s time to head up to the cabin by the lake and take in the natural setting. Walking through the nearby forest, you can smell soil recently struck by lightning. The setting is elegant but rustic, with burnt marshmallows and coffee roasting over the granite fire pit. Later, there will be wild blueberry pie straight out of the oven and a nip or two out of Grandpa’s absinthe stash. You playfully dance with the stuffed and mounted grizzly bear in the corner, the one that came looking for a fight all those years ago but now stands ready with a furry embrace. Go ahead and enjoy. After all, what happens at the cabin stays at the cabin. (DRINK NOW: 30 minute decant CELLAR: Now through 4-6 years)

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