Insiders Club

2-4 delicious new selections to enjoy every month

Join the Wine Lab Insiders Club and research the wines of the world. You will receive 2-4 bottles of thoughtfully curated wines from artisan producers each month. These are scientific studies at their most delicious! Club wines are typically available for pickup the first Friday of every month – we will send you an email announcement. Shipping is also available. Memberships may be given as a gift for any number of months.

Insiders Club members also receive:

  • 10% discount on all wine, merchandise, and bar purchases* – at the shop or online, oh yeah!
  • 25% discount on wine flights (for you and a friend)
  • Guaranteed lowest wine prices in CM, NB, & HB
  • Members-only emails with tasting notes and food pairing ideas for all monthly selections
  • Invitations to complimentary events, and you can bring a couple friends free as well

We offer three club membership levels giving you wines every month at a price lower than even your 10% discount.

Experimenter – 2 bottles for $35
Investigate the possibilities. Experimenters want to try something new. 2 bottles per month with a choice of either red/red or red/white. Wines are valued at $40-60 for only $35.

Scientist – 2 premium bottles for $60
Let the discoveries begin. Our research yields boutique and collectible wines. 2 bottles per month with a choice of either red/red or red/white. Wines are valued at $70-100 for $60.

Mad Scientist – 4 bottles for $95
Get the complete data with all of the above, 4 bottles per month with a choice of all red or red/white. Wines are valued at $110-150 for only $95.

* The fine print: Discounts apply to a maximum of two people. We ask for a minimum three month commitment—you may cancel at any point thereafter, but please give us at least 20 days notice. Memberships may be given as gifts for any number of months. If you do not pick up wines for 3 months in a row, we may automatically ship to your address on file and charge you the additional shipping fee. Shipping is available and based on destination: 2 bottles in CA is ~$18, 4 bottles ~$25.

Click here for a PDF form to join or gift the club or or Sign Up Online!

Recent Club Selections: